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Hypnotherapy treatment for anxiety

Anxiety can present in many different ways but common symptoms to look out for are excessive worry, irrational fears, sleep disturbance / insomnia, avoidance behaviour, difficulty concentrating, panic attacks and sometimes physical symptoms (skin conditions, hair loss, etc).  If you are experiencing several signs of the above consistently on a daily basis, then you should initially consult a doctor to get a diagnosis.

Agreement should be reached with your doctor whether hypnotherapy is a viable treatment option but it has great benefits as hypnotherapy is completely drug free.

How hypnotherapy helps treat anxiety

Hypnotherapy accesses the client’s unconscious mind to address and reframe negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that contribute to anxiety.  Hypnotherapy replaces underlying issues and concerns with coping skills to overcome stresses and traumas.

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How hypnotherapy treats anxiety in adults

The client is put into a deep trance/relaxed state and then cognitive restructuring helps to reframe anxious thoughts and responses,  The client is then provided with tools to help cope with anxiety in the real world.

How hypnotherapy treats anxiety in children

Like with adults, the child is put into a relaxed state but then story telling and appropriate imagery is used to provide the child with anchors to give them empowerment to overcome the anxious feeling when it arises.  Parents are always present to provide support and encouragement and to be fully involved in the process.

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Benefits of hypnotherapy for the treatment of anxiety

With regular practice and reinforcement, results show that the effects for anxiety can be long lasting, promoting overall well-being and improved quality of life.

Other benefits include:

  • No drugs

  • Help identify what triggers anxiety

  • Reduces physical tension

  • Calms nervous system

Why use ABC-Hypnotherapy?

I have had a wide range of experience which has contributed to my journey to being a hypnotherapist, drawing on skills such as managerial, coaching and counselling, all supported by relevant qualifications.


I am incredibly passionate about being able to give back to my clients, being the catalyst to enables them to change their lives for the better.


If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help with your anxiety, contact me today or feel free to book an appointment to start your journey.

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